Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Seems like all I do is put up trailers...

I probably won't see this at the cinema, but I like Val Kilmer talking to the missile and I like Will Forte shooting the dual Uzis. Hopefully this film will out-do "Get Smart" and make Mr. Forte into a well-known comedy star. He deserves it.

Comedy men that elevate any comedy film:

- Danny McBride
- Craig Robinson
- Rob Corddry
- Jermaine Clement
- Demetri Martin
- Andy Samberg
- Paul Rudd
- Will Ferrel
- John C. Reilly
- Lots more I can't think of right now... Jason Schwartzman!

Here is a perfect trailer. The correct length, good-looking and doesn't give too much away which is something many trailers miss. Because of the latter the trailer does its job, I want to see this documentary and I'm not a documentary fan.

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