Saturday, 3 October 2009


Director: Samuel Bayer
Writers: Wesley Strick, Eric Heisserer (props to Wes Craven)
Starring: Rorschach, Some young actors
Release: 30th April 2010 (USA no UK release date yet)

I must admit when I saw the artical about this film in Empire I fobbed it off as another bollocks take on a classic horror franchise (see: the two Texas Chainsaw Massacre films or Friday 13th remake, both produced by Michael "Bayhem" Bay), but now having seen the trailer and finding out that this is also being produced by Optimus Prime I can safely say that my initial instincts were correct.

The slick trailer and the involvement of Jackie Earle Haley had me fooled for a few seconds, but then I realised this was infact a copy of the original (I like to say copy because it makes it sound cheap, but Hollywood types like to say "re-imagining"). Most of the old iconic shots (hand in the bath, girl floating above her bed Exorcist-style) are being showcased proving that, although nice to look at, this "homage" to Wes Craven's classic (which isn't even that good anyway) has little innovation and without anything new or unknown you lose one of the key elements of horror and therefore the only thing that might scare me within this predicted-to-be-predictable copy will be the jumpy bits that catch everyone off guard anyway.

Wes Craven's original was great because of its inventive deaths and genuinely scary and new plot that allowed such horrific death scenes. I dare say this film will make good at the box office, but undeservedly so.

We'll have to wait and see if he can be re-imagined to haunt our nights once more, but I reckon we'll all be getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

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